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Merry Christmas

It’s difficult to be jolly onboard a ship on Christmas day, especially when that ship is tied to the pier with only a skeleton crew to keep it guarded.
Today I’m on the crew. It’s actually been a relatively quiet day. In typical military fashion, the line for Christmas dinner (served at 1400) was extremely long, at least until almost 1600, when I chose to ate, and then there was very little food left. Still, I have to the give the cooks some props! The turkey pieces were well-soaked in pan-drippings, and and the roast beef meat that I was able to cut from the gristle was still tender and well-seasoned.
Even with not much going on in the way of work, I still managed to waste most of the day. Now I’m torn between finally watching a TBS stream of the Christmas Story in my stateroom and finishing up some end of year paperwork in the office. Somehow I already know the work wins.

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