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30 June, 2011 01:46

It’s hard to believe that we’re over halfway through deployment and still have months to go.

After my trip to DC for the Olmsted Orientation Weekend, I’m back onboard and settled into the very busy routine life in Reactor Department. It’s really difficult to concentrate and focus on work when I just want to plan my moves to DC and Turkey and to study Turkish.

I thought I was behind on Turkish and so recommitted to studying one hour a day. I haven’t been consistent yet, but I did manage to get through Unit 1 of Rosetta Stone. The milestone was difficult, because I wasn’t sure what the questions were asking, or the appropriate prescribed answer for them. I think I’ll do some more of the audio practice, then come back and do the milestone again while continuing on with Unit 2.

Unit 1 focused on counting from 1-6, and really basic words like man, woman, dog, cat. There’s a little bit of conversation, like how to say “What’s that?” (Bu ne?) and “What are you doing?” (I actually already forgot that – uh oh!). So far in Unit 2 I’ve counted to 12! So there’s definitely some progress. I’d really like to finish all the practicals I’ve got with me on deployment so that when I start the official training I’m at least at an intermediate level.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to speak, listen, and write well enough to start grad school in the fall. I have to keep reminding myself of the goal before I get overwhelmed.

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