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Minty lemonade & M. C. Escher


Well, I haven’t found a juice stand like the ones in Bahrain, but lemonade with herbs is pretty common here in Turkey. My server even pointed out that the spots were mint, not dirt, when she brought me the glass. Hopefully I’ll find somebody offering ginger limeade soon!
I’m eating at the Divan Cafe at Cer Modern, which is the modern art museum. Right now they’re showing an exhibit of Escher wood-cuts and lithographs. It’s always great to see a lot of an artist’s work together, instead of one or two pieces here and there. There is very little description of the art it artist here, though. By each piece is a small plaque with the title in English and Turkish.
While I was viewing the art, the staff was setting up for an event of some kind on the patio outside. Initially I figured I’d just stay here all day, then check out the live event. As I walked through the museum, however, I heard the rehearsal – wow! It sounded like a Greek chorus, with all the high emotion and shrill voices. The staging looks fancy and fun, but as I was less than entertained by the practice run, I think I’ll skip the main event.

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