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Horseracing in Turkey

So I every day I get a google news alert about Turkey.  This is especially useful since most of the local papers are biased, or at least owned by supporters of the ruling party who go out of their way not to print actual news that may offend the party.  Sometimes, the entire alert is filled with American news about Turkey season opening, which isn’t exactly what I’m after but usually entertaining.

Today, though, was a pleasant surprise.  Who knew there was horseracing in Turkey? Actually, now that I’m writing this, I guess I did.  At a friend’s house I saw an amazing fascinator (type of hat) peeking out from a box, and she explained it was for the Queen’s Cup, in September.

I’ll definitely check it out.  I mean, I now have a reason for a fascinator!

Horseracing in Turkey – from the Washington Post

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  1. Old Jarhead #

    I was cracking up when reading your story about the two, potty mouth Turkish teenagers! I can remember the young “stealie boys” in the old city of Sanaa, Yemen acting the exact same way when down there back in early 2007. They had been watching episodes of THE SOPRANOS and figured everyone in America used the F-word as freely as the NJ wise guys! (ha ha) Glad you explained the term “fascinator” because I had zero idea what the hell you were talking about! BTW: how can the Turkish word VURGUN be an adjective (smitten with, sweet on) and a noun (profiteering, swindle)? Second thought, maybe those two are related! (ha ha) Be careful, Sarah, and keep the stories coming.

    July 9, 2012

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