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Street Food in Turkey

I am constantly amazed by the food here!

In Ankara, the street food is pretty standard – grilled corn (made to order) and bread stands, which is generally a guy selling simit.  Simit is a thick bread, shaped like a large flat bagel and then rolled in sesame seeds.  It’s decent, costs very little (about 25 cents) and is especially good when it’s hot and served off a tray on some guy’s head.  Sometimes, I find an old man sitting on a stool on the sidewalk with a crate of cherries or watermelons for sale.  I have yet to see a pile of cherries here that I could resist buying – they’re amazing!!!

In Istanbul the selection was even better.  Along with all the outdoor markets, near the tourist attractions and late night venues great food was all over the street.  After walking around all day in the hot sun, wouldn’t you like some fresh-cut watermelon?  While finding a bar on Istiklal Street, why not stop and have a few mussels?  And after a night of smoking nargile (sheesha or bubble pipe) and drinking Efes (Turkish beer) the best thing going is a freshly peeled cucumber with a sprinkle of salt!  If I had had one of these cucumbers after our all-night drinking/dancing session, my bus ride back to Ankara would have been slightly more bearable.

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  1. Old Jarhead #

    Ah, yes! The hot, freshly baked Turkish breads! USN and USMC forces used to participate (still do?) in NATO maritime/amphibious training exercises named DISPLAY DETERMINATION, DESTINED GLORY and other such cheesy stuff. The best part about being ashore was the fresh bread – other than just being off the boat… (ha ha) BTW: Sarah Thomas out drinking and dancing all night? No sure any of us believes that one! 🙂

    July 10, 2012

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