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Hiking on Sunday

This Sunday I finally joined a hiking group and got of town.  The group is mostly Turks in their fifties or so, with a few younger and foreign exceptions.  This week, the foreigners were me and a German girl working at a global migration organization.

For me, the hike was an excellent way to get some nature and a better workout than I’ve had in months.  We walked 25 km, and according to my fitbit, climbed over 300 stories!  Turkish style hiking is a bit different than at the national parks in America.  First of all, there’s rarely a path or trail.  We bushwacked going up and down hills, and stepped onto or over just about everything you can find in a forest.  The guys said that there was a trail, but because there was so much snow this winter lots of trees were downed and basically obliterated any semblance of a path.  Although I’m pretty scratched up and fell several times, it was great to run through the woods like a kid again!

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  1. Old Jarhead #

    Didn’t know that our “Nuke Girl” was into the hiking scene! You know that the Marine Corps could have given you a 20+ year career of hiking, right? Of course, no lederhosen or Shalalie walking stick allowed. 🙂 During my two years in Germany, I took the boys out on many of what the locals called a Volksmarch. Plenty of good chow and beer at the end and usually some sort of “take home gift/trinket” marking the occasion. It sounds like things are going very well, Sarah, and keep up the blog posts so us “stuck in an office dudes/dudettes” can live vicariously through our friend.

    July 25, 2012

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