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Algarve beach walk


I know it gets confusing, but I’m in Portugal now. My friend Sara rented a beach house on the Algarve (southern) coast to meet up with friends before she heads south to Mozambique. Luckily I got here in time to see Laurie, Axl and Madeleine Steiner before they head back to Paris. Here’s a pic of all of us together:


Later on we headed down to the beach to check out the tide pools and grab lunch. The town of Luz is mostly a tourist town, and mostly occupied by Brits. Is it any surprise that the food is far from amazing? The best thing I’ve had so far is churros, which I’ve never thought of as Portuguese before!

So, back to the tide pool walk. We headed from the beach to the cliffs during low tide. The beach is really protected, so when we rounded a cliff at the end of a cove I was surprised to be lifted off my feet by a raging gust! The tide pools were mostly filled with anemones, small shrimp, and tiny fish. Although not the usual La Jolla marvel that I’m used to, they were pretty awesome!


While the tide was low we kept walking east along the beach/rocks. Eventually we reached the limit of our non-sturdy footwear and gear – I was climbing rocks with slippery flip-flops while clutching my camera, a too-big hat, all the while trying not to get blown over by the fierce wind. When our casual stroll became a challenge we turned around, only to find that the tide had come in and we had to scramble back on the crazy rocks of the beach. No worries – rock scrambling is always pretty exhilarating!

Here’s a few more pics of the beautiful coast:




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  1. Old Jarhead #

    Really? Portugal? Just a few days after the vacation to Poland? I have been suppressing my “fraud, waste and abuse” tendencies garnered during the past 16 months in this IG gig, but I am having a hard time stopping myself from picking up the phone to the President! Or better yet, I think I want to pick up the phone to the monitor/detailer and ask “How can I get in on this Olmsted Scholar hook up?” (ha ha) I’m thoroughly enjoying my “vicarious life thru Sarah” so keep up the travels, postings and photos. Went to Lisbon once (USS Nassau pulled into Lisbon for a few days) and took full advantage of the liberty opportunities – shooting up along the coast, visiting old monastaries, wineries, etc… I’ll have to Google the town of Luz! Be well and travel safely.

    August 27, 2012

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