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Circumcision Party!!!

Since I didn’t get past replacing a spare tire and studying today, here’s a gem from this weekend in Selcuk, the town next to Ephesus. I love random spontaneous street parties, and although this ceremonial parade wasn’t exactly either, it was a pleasant surprise for me a I walked to a museum.

Its unlikely that this kid got circumcised that day – a fellow onlooker told me they probably did it years ago and now are celebrating when he can remember.

I was glad to see this, because those baby ottoman paşa costumes are all over so many bridal store windows, and I was never sure if they are part of weddings, like the ring bearer’s outfit, or something else.

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  1. Old Jarhead #

    Sarah: The USMC “big brother” computer police wouldn’t allow me to see/download the video, but I’m not one to think that anyone should be celebrating an event that involves “man junk” and sharp instruments! (ha ha) I’ll guess that I’m not your only reader who sees nothing to be excited about… 🙂 Get the tire fixed.

    September 20, 2012

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