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Volksfest in Stuttgart


I took the train up from Munich to meet some friends in Stuttgart for another night of festing. It’s generally extremely easy to get around Germany with public transportation, but with some kind of train crash at Stuttgart’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station) my two hour trip took five hours and without the kindness of strangers, I’m not sure I would have ever made it! Thanks, random fellow travelers in Germany for helping me out.
I met the girls while they were shopping downtown and we headed to a borrowed house to get all dirndl’d up (except cheapo me). We joined thousands of other festers on the u-bahn and rode out to the festival grounds. Isn’t it awesome that you can ride public transportation to a drinking fest?

The fall festivals are a lot like county fairs. Stuttgart had way more rides and vendors and fairway games than Munich, but just as many beer tents. Unfortunately if you don’t have a reservation and don’t claim an unreserved table early in the day, you’re almost out of luck come evening for a spot in the tent. And without a seat, they won’t serve you beer. We were pretty late and wandered from tent to tent looking for a spot with no luck. Finally we settled on a biergarten with a small tent next door and filled up on roasted chickens and baked potatoes. It’s important to eat if you’re going to drink all night.
In the tent there were tons of small bar-height tables and lots less of the long benched huge community tables. This was great for dancing, as it’s harder to fall from the floor, although not impossible – I don’t think you can have a fest in Germany without people falling over, but it’s all in good fun.

I haven’t got a video editing app for my iPhone, so it’s a little choppy. And I can’t post any more pics because they tend to get fuzzier as the night goes on.
I think the fest ended around 11, and we decided to join some Germans at a club. The first place we tried, a student bar, wouldn’t let us in because some in our group were wearing dirndls. This is absurd since in Germany the dirndl/liederhosen are considered formal wear and completely acceptable dress for even the opera! We moved on to the only rap club in Stuttgart, Proton, for a night of dancing with people from all over the world.
Later on in a cab, I learned that even though I don’t speak German, I can definitely get around – every cab driver we had is Turkish!

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  1. Old Jarhead #

    Ah, yes. The Stuttgart Volkfest! I spent more than a few Deutsch marks at this event back in the 1999-2001 timeframe. The boys were riding rides til about midnight! I vividly recall the overcrowded, loud, full of drunk ass Germans train trips back to the Sindelfingen train station (we were living on Patch Barracks, just south of the city.) Sorry to see no dirndil again this event…. 😦

    October 1, 2012

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