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Hiking for Beer

In between the nights of festing in Germany, we decided to take a pseudo day off and get a different kind of culture. Right next to Oktoberfest in Turkey was the agricultural fair. Unfortunately we brought the friends’ dog along and couldn’t get him into the fair, so we watched some horsemanship from up on a hill.

They started with horses that were traditionally used for work, like these log carriers and plows.

Next were fun horses, like these Icelandic guys that you could ride while carrying a full liter of beer without spilling. After their demo, the girls gave away the beer, which for a few lucky ones almost made the 13 euro admission price worthwhile!

I’m not sure what kind of work you accomplish riding two horses while standing, but these guys were fun to watch.

But this being Oktoberfest, the keg-carrying horses were definitely my favorites.

Since you can only watch any show through a fence for so long, we headed back on the s-bahn to get the car and drive deep into Bavaria. Our goal was to engage in a traditional German past-time – hiking for beer. Up the hill from the Ammersee Lake is the beautiful cloisters town of Andechs. Our host Klaus said it would be a quick walk in the woods – apparently that never happens with this guy! As with all of my hikes lately, we weren’t really sure where we were going, so whenever we found ourselves at a fork, we chose the uphill option. As much as I hate going uphill, this tact does usually lead to pleasant surprises, and Andechs was definitely one of them.

This is the kloisters church that we visited on the way into town. It’s a typical Bavarian style Catholic Church.

The altar and beautifully painted ceilings inside.

The candles were outside the church for safety reasons, and to keep the beautiful ceiling from going black.
After the church visit, we joined all the other hiking Germans for draft beer and hearty German food. I had roasted pork belly, potato salad ( I love the German variety) and a pretzel. Klaus bought us a plate of shaved radish to share. You just sprinkle salt on, wait for it sweat out the bitter a bit (kind of like eggplant) then enjoy the refreshing snack. It was a wonderful counter to all the heavy food.



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  1. Old Jarhead #

    The most talented, by far, are the gals that can ride horses and NOT spill the beer! You are having a damn good time, huh, Sarah? Good for you and keep the blogs coming for us poor schmucks who are living vicariously through our favorite SWO. 🙂

    October 5, 2012

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