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Hamsi (anchovies)

I’ve had hamsi a few times, but didn’t know the difference between those from the Black Sea and Marmara. I’m in Istanbul now (right between both seas) and will see what I can find. But doesn’t a road trip for anchovies sound awesome?

Chasing Anchovies on Turkey’s Black Sea Coast

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  1. Patrick Redmon #

    Redmon doesn’t have too many hard and fast “food rules,” but one of them is ANYTHING ON A PIZZA IS OK EXCEPT FOR ANCHOVIES! So I guess I would have to decline if invited on a trip to check out the differences… By the way, have you read/studied anything regarding the old Montreaux Convention and the restrictions regarding naval warships entering the Black Sea? I sounds like it might even pertain to anchovies! 🙂

    December 18, 2012
    • I used to think the same about anchovies, but in DC my Turkish teacher wouldn’t shut up about them so I decided to give them a second chance. Now I crave them too! They’re sometimes served cooked, but cold, in a vinegary sauce, although the popular way in the winter is tava, which is fried in cornflour and pretty yummy. For Americans, tava anchovies taste more like what we remember from the one time we mistakenly ate them on a pizza, but with a really addictive salty fried taste.
      I haven’t heard of Montreaux – I’ll have to check it out.

      December 20, 2012

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