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Let’s all go back to Morocco!

A few weeks ago I was caught up in Oscars fever and downloaded some past Best Pictures from itunes.  From the scenery in one of them, Patton, I  started thinking about Morocco again. I immediately recognized some of the landscapes, including Volubilis, the ruins of a Roman city that still has fantastic mosaics.  It was as green in the movie as I remember it!   Although my trip to Morocco in January was the best one so far this year, I already have a loose plan in mind for when I go back.  Must-dos include camping in the desert and a cooking class.  What I’d love to do is figure out how to arrange a shipping container, or something like that, and buy lots of beautiful things – the colors and craftsmanship of furniture, pottery and carpets was amazing and I had to be very selective about what would fit in my backpack (the trip made me seriously reconsider my carry-on only travel mantra).

And then I found out that Williams Sonoma, in an effort to promote there Moroccan-inspired line, had a sweepstakes for a free culinary tour of Morocco!  I would have shared it with everybody here, but I just looked at the link again and realized it ended yesterday – I apologize for not getting my act together any sooner.

There are plenty of great ways to see Morocco though.  If you just want to do the Western side (where are the cities are) the trains are incredibly easy to use and taxis are cheap.  There are also plenty of tour companies that could quickly arrange a trip to the desert.   I went on a trip with G Adventures (formally GAP and similar to Intrepid) and my Nour, our amazing tour guide featured playing traditional Moroccan music on some of my posts, also offers private tours.  His site is

So, until I manage a return to the most exotic country I know, here’s a slideshow of the last trip. 

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