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Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic

I was very sad last fall when I had to skip the Dubrovnik stop of my Croatia trip to start classes in Turkey – so naturally this summer it was the first stop on our trek through Croatia.  Lodging in Dubrovnik is expensive, so we rented an apartment slightly outside and uphill from the city walls with a decent view from the terrace.

view from the apt terrace

view from the apt terrace

After a hellacious drive from Macedonia (see, Kim and I were ready for a relaxing day.  Dubrovnik is perfect for that.  We slept in and then grabbed lunch at the first decent restaurant we found.  Once again, we hadn’t figured out the $$ situation, but luckily in most of Croatia, especially the cities, they’re happy to take your credit cards.

I had really wanted to kayak around the city walls, but even though in these pictures it looks sunny and beautiful, it was kind of cold and windy.  We nixed that plan and walked the city walls instead – this gave us great views and ideas of where to go drinking later.  We found a perfect cliffside bar where we could watch the kayakers struggle against the waves and congratulate ourselves on our prudent decision to drink wine instead.

Scenes from the castle wall walk:

To find this wonderful cliffside bar, go back into the deep waterside corner of the city and start following the signs for a great view.  A friend just told me that if it’s warm, you can dive right off the rocks closer to the water – sounds like a perfect day!

Once we had a few drinks, we realized that the music was on a continuous loop, and we had sung along to Journey’s greatest hits a few times already.  We went back into the town for more shopping and dinner.  Unfortunately a lot of the shops we had planned on hitting up were closed (travel lesson: when you see something you like, buy it now!) so we just wandered the town and took more pics.

Even though I had some restaurant recommendations from my godmother, we eventually really needed a bathroom and got a table at the first restaurant we found since none of the public W.C.s were nearby.  It turned out to be a perfect choice!  We both tried scorpion fish for the first time, scored great wine, and clowned around with the staff.  They even brought me a blanket when it got chilly!

All the wine was really helpful when we had to climb something like 155 steps back to our place.  Playing b’diddle and singing schfifty-five all the way up made it so easy!

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