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Rainy Day Redeemed by Beautiful Twilight in Broadarica, Croatia

cappadocia  2013-06-01 at 21-25-26

After Dubrovnik, we headed inland to check out some of Croatia’s national parks, Krka and Plitvice (pronounced Plitvitze – the c is like a “tz”).  Keeping with the apartment rental trend, we stayed at a guest cottage in the fishing village of Brodarica, which is about a 20 minute drive from the park.   After Dubrovnik, rain and cloudy weather mired a lot of our plans and squashed our spirits.  As the sky grew dark, we put the top up  and settled for some pretty crappy burgers at a cheap outside grill for lunch a couple of hours north of the city.

We finally reached Brodarica and almost drove through it before we realized we had missed the turn to our place.  Using a combination of the GPS (where the roads are), downloaded google maps on an ipad (where we should be), and the little blue dot on my phone (where we actually are), we finally realized we had to turn down what looked like a driveway in order to reach the place.  Hidden off the main road was a pleasant street curving along with the bay where nearly every house posted a “sobe/zimmer” (rooms for rent) sign.  After we found ours and started the requisite charging, we ate at a local pizza joint, grabbed breakfast items at the market, and then rushed home to grab our cameras to shoot what we could of an awesome sunset over the bay.  Here’s a shameless slideshow of my shots:

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