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Beach Break by Bodrum


sunset view from Yalikavak harbor

Come to Yalikavak, Turkey!

We went because I was desperately seeking sunshine and found a great price for a nice hotel on and a cheap flight on Pegasus, one of Turkey’s budget airlines.  I also thought a day trip to Bodrum’s Underwater Archaeology Museum might help inspire me to work on my thesis (about technology in the Ottoman Navy), but forgot that most museums are closed on Mondays, which is the day we planned to go.  So, instead, we did almost nothing while soaking up sunshine and admiring the view.

When we arrived it was raining and a bit cloudy, but since we both had plenty of work to do, we just worked from inside while watching the light on the water.


view from Avantgarde’s lawn area

On day two it was a bit cloudy but warm enough to sink our toes in the sand, so we worked from the beach chairs.

We managed to walk into the harbor town of Yalikavak every night for dinner and entertainment.  Thanks to the random stores, we had beautiful sunsets. Some views from the walk:

On our last night, we stopped at Miner Cafe, mostly because there were other people around and it’s kind of weird to be the only people at a restaurant in the off season.  The guy who pulled us in turned out to be the keyboardist for the jazz band playing that night.  We also met the clarinet player, an English guy who came to Bodrum with his partner 12 years ago and could never find his way out the village.  He used to play all over the world with the English orchestras, and even with Count Basie in NYC back when the band had to enter Capitol Studios from the backdoor!  Along with the jokes and the stories, the band could definitely play!  When they found out Todd was from San Francisco, they all started in on how now he had to sing Hotel California with the band.  So he did, like a total rock star! (that’s him in the back right corner)


Every night we admired the building below, but couldn’t quite make the walk there after dinner and drinks each night, so we settled on just trying to capture it digitally.  Unfortunately we didn’t quite get it, but did meet some interesting people who tried to help us.  This, our best shot, was taken while using a random passerby’s jacket, Todd’s wallet, and the lens cap as tripod and stability devices.


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  1. Patrick Redmon #

    What are the odds you find yourself singing “Hotel California” at some small bar on the Turkish coast, Sarah? The absolute beauty of world travel! Nice to see that summer is just around the corner for all of us. You mentioned your thesis? Any details to share? I will guess that the master’s thesis is part of the program? And I think I must have missed the “Todd introduction” during my absence from the Blog over the past 7-8 months. 🙂 Is he also an Olmsted scholar? American working/living abroad? Good to see you traveling with someone. Be well, be safe and keep up the good work.

    May 31, 2014

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