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Cumalıkızık: A Walk Through a Traditional Turkish Village


Although I’m always happy to see ruins and restored mosques and churches, my favorite sightseeing activity in Turkey is a village walk.  Here, in the tiny streets and courtyards, you see the daily lives of village Turks.  Most are involved in agriculture in some way, and the harvest is usually right on display.  Either with people drying nuts on tarps, shucking beans, or making jams out of the day’s picked fruits.  Usually, you can sample and buy all of this stuff as you wander through the village.


Cumalıkızık is just such a place.  It’s both run-down and partially restored, with evidence of efforts to keep up with the projects in some corners and of complete neglect in others.


It’s also home to one of the smallest streets in the world, Cin Alley, where you have to be pretty narrow just to get through!

photo 1

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  1. Patrick Redmon #

    Dear Sarah: Please tell me you bought one of those cool, curved knives! Probably nothing more than “junk metal” and 100% tourist stuff, but still pretty neat looking… 🙂 And how about those colorful, very comfortable-looking pants. Is that the normal daily wear? I can see the boys sporting those things every day: “Dad, these aren’t pajamas, they are my lounging pants.” How far outside of the city is this small village? Cin Alley? Are you sure that is not spelled with an “S?” I can imagine some bad stuff going on down that narrow street for the past couple of hundred years! (ha ha)

    OK, back to the thesis! S/F Redbone

    June 8, 2014

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