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Sunrise, Sunset in Cappadochia

One of the great things about vacations is that you find time to see and enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.  As a kid going to the beach, we always got up early on one day of our vacation to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  Of course, we also always went for donuts after the event, which may have been our mom’s subtle bribe.

After a beautiful sky on our hike in Cappadochia, we were rewarded with an amazing sunset on our way back to the hotel.  In one of those special minutes where everything is pink and golden, we pulled off the the road to take pictures of the rock formations on the edge of Uchisar.

As usually happens, we found the true beauty in something unexpected: the shadow of a random flower clump on a brown shed near where we parked.  So I actually forgot to take pictures of the rocks!



We did get a few pics from our hotel of the sky:

The next morning we got up early for the best activities in Cappadochia: a balloon ride.  Because the scenery is so diverse, I think that when in Cappadochia it is actually worth the 100 euros for an hour in the sky, even if for a second time (it was my sister’s first balloon ride).  Even though it’s an early start, the whole process is exciting, starting with filling the balloon:

Besides checking out the rock spires and other balloons, we used our birds-eye view to figure where we walked the day before on our roundabout hike through the valleys and how we got so off track.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along with the great vistas, we got some balloon lingo from our pilot.  For instance, a balloon kiss:


A threesome:


We both agreed that this one was the prettiest in the sky:


Emily is building her portfolio as a yoga teacher.  Here she is in an impromptu dancer’s pose while the balloon was deflating.


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  1. Happy #

    I love hearing the accounts of your trips when I know exactly where you were!

    June 24, 2014

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