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Pick-Up Lines In Turkey

I have a big bedroom.

Does your friend drive? Yes? Great.  I have a car.  She can drive, and I’ll give you a private tour of the Bosphorus, in the backseat.

I like your size!

What city are you from in America?  San Diego?  I’ve seen San Diego, and you’re much more beautiful than your city!

I can be your walking dictionary.

You’re a nut! (In Turkey, this is actually a positive compliment.)

I want to crawl into your smile and take a nap.

You’re always shining, like my very own moon!

I love the way you sit on that stool. If I sat next to you, it would complete the picture.

Your hair is like a golden crown of sunshine. (my hair is brown!)

Your face makes me want to sing with joy.

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  1. Ha, funny! I think I met all those guys in Turkey before!

    September 23, 2012
  2. Haha! I’ve heared the nut one but none of the other ones. I especially like: “I want to crawl into your smile and take a nap.”

    August 8, 2013

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